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At FPUA, our aspiration is to be the premier company in our industry, providing customer-focused energy solutions, investment-driven growth opportunities, and sustainable value for our customers and employees. Underpinning this effort is our unwavering commitment to top-tier safety and reliability, collaborative customer relationships, inclusive and engaging work environments, strong governance and transparency, and forward-looking environmental practices and stewardship.

Our team continues to make meaningful progress toward that vision via a balanced, forward-looking strategy that includes long-term modernization of our assets, improvements in customer programs and services, and strong community involvement.

Our Sustainability Strategy defines key organization-wide initiatives in the areas of:

  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Strong, Growing Communities
  • Customer-Focused Energy Solutions
  • Safe, Skilled and Engaged Teams
  • Governance and Transparency


We believe that our ability to execute on the FPUA strategy – combined with strong engagement and communication with you, our customers – will enable us to establish a legacy of sustained environmental stewardship, economic growth and social responsibility truly reflective of a premier utility company.