Sustainability – FPUA Strategy for Sustainability

On behalf of the more than 260 FPUA team members, I’m pleased to present our 2015 Sustainability Objectives.

At FPUA, our aspiration is to be the premier company in our industry, providing customer-focused energy solutions, investment-driven growth opportunities, and sustainable value for our customers and employees. Underpinning this effort is our unwavering commitment to top-tier safety and reliability, collaborative customer relationships, inclusive and engaging work environments, strong governance and transparency, and forward-looking environmental practices and stewardship.

Our team continues to make meaningful progress toward that vision via a balanced, forward-looking strategy that includes long-term modernization of our assets, improvements in customer programs and services, and strong community involvement.

Our Sustainability Strategy defines key organization-wide initiatives in the areas of:

  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Strong, Growing Communities
  • Customer-Focused Energy Solutions
  • Safe, Skilled and Engaged Teams
  • Governance and Transparency

I believe you will see that our ability to execute on the FPUA strategy – combined with strong engagement and communication with you, our customers – will enable us to establish a legacy of sustained environmental stewardship, economic growth and social responsibility truly reflective of a premier utility company.

Thank you for your continued support and engagement as we move forward.

John Tompeck, Director of Utilities

  • Build and maintain a modern and clean energy and water infrastructure.
  • Reduce our environmental footprint through pollution prevention and reduction programs.
  • Implement innovative environmental conservation approaches.
  • Execute on our investment-driven growth strategy by providing safe, reliable, clean and affordable energy and water, and creating job opportunities in the communities that we serve.
  • Partner with local agencies to enhance community vitality and growth through economic development and charitable giving programs.
  • Provide and expand programs that help customers conserve and lower utility bills.
  • Provide programs and assistance for low income customers.
  • Provide and expand clean energy access for customers.
  • Be an industry leader in employee safety.
  • Create an environment of engaged employees that do their best work.
  • Develop an industry-leading inclusion and diversity culture.
  • Corporate governance practices that protect our stakeholders and our reputation.
  • Ethics and compliance programs that hold us to high standards of conduct
  • Clear and timely communication with our stakeholders.