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Don’t Be A Victim of Scammers

Important Update – October 21, 2022

We’ve gotten word that there are individuals walking door-to-door offering to review your utility bill with you if you invite them in. These individuals are NOT representatives of FPUA and you should not invite them in or provide them with any personal information. As always, if you have questions about your bill or would like assistance reviewing them, please feel free to come in to our Customer Service Lobby from Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm at 206 South 6th Street, or call us at 772-466-1600 extension 3900. Thank you, and thank you to the customers who have alerted us to this scam.

Previously – 01/2022

We’ve gotten word that they’re at it again! Scammers are targeting FPUA customers and they can be very convincing, using threats or scare tactics to get money or personal information.  If you receive a threatening call, HANG UP and call FPUA Customer Service at 772-466-1600 to discuss your account. This is the only number you should call for information. Be aware and protect yourself from ruthless scammers. 

To learn more about utility scams, visit these informative websites: