Residential & Commercial Payment Plans

COVID-19 Payment Program for Residential Customers

 Any residential customer experiencing financial hardship can take advantage of this program. Offered at zero percent (0%) interest, this payment program allows you to finance your past due balance without interruption of service. The minimum payment arrangement amount must be $50 per month and allows a maximum of 12 months to pay the entire past-due balance. Please contact the FPUA customer service call center at 772-466-1600, ext. 3900 to register for this program. Please be patient as you may experience long wait times while we work closely with each and every customer.

COVID-19 Payment Program for Commercial Customers

Any commercial customer that is experiencing financial hardship can take advantage of the COVID-19 payment program at zero (0%) interest.  The minimum amount to avoid interruption of service will be the past due balance minus your deposit requirement.  Then, the remaining balance can be paid over a period of six (6) months.  Example: $2,400 past due balance with a $1200 deposit requirement.  Minimum payment now is $1200 and pay the remainder of the balance over 6 months at $200 per month. Please contact our commercial liaison representative at 772-466-1600, extension 3243 to register for this program.