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Project Care

Project CARE is about people caring for people… neighbors helping neighbors.

Project CARE is a nonprofit program established by Fort Pierce Utilities Authority which provides emergency assistance to those in our community who have experienced a recent personal or family crisis that has placed them in danger of losing their utility service.

It is not the program’s intent to pay chronic or long term debt, rather it is to assist those who are experiencing temporary financial hardship.

Project CARE is funded by individuals in our community, either by utility customers who donate through their monthly utility bills or those who make one-time donations. These voluntary, tax-deductible donations go to assist local families in payment of their electric, water, sewer, natural gas, and garbage bills.

Funds for the program are collected by Fort Pierce Utilities Authority and are turned over to Mustard Seed Ministries, a local, nonprofit, community-assistance agency. Mustard Seed provides oversight of Project CARE and ensures that each applicant truly qualifies for the assistance.

For more donation information, call a Customer Service Representative at (772) 466-1600.

Who Does Project CARE Help?

Project CARE contributions go directly to help Fort Pierce Utilities Authority customers in need. We do not deduct any administrative costs, so your entire donation reaches those in financial distress right here in Fort Pierce. Our goal is to help without creating dependence. Applicants must pay a part of the bill themselves. Project CARE does not pay late fees or help the same household more than once in any twelve-month period.

How Can You Help?

Your contribution to Project CARE helps others build a stronger, more stable financial future for themselves. You can help in a number of ways:

  1. Make a one-time contribution.
  2. Make a set monthly contribution.
  3. You may also be able to round your payment up to a whole dollar amount.

Return the donation card from the Project CARE Brochure to have your contribution added to your monthly bill.