Development Services


“To strengthen our relationship and involvement with the City, County, and the Economic Development Council of St. Lucie, in an effort to create opportunity, attract business, and retain existing customers, while expanding our utility infrastructure and customer base.”

-Ana Maria Johnson, FPUA Business Development Officer

Fort Pierce Utilities Authority (FPUA) is exceedingly proud of the level of positive and encouraging economic growth being experienced within the City of Ft. Pierce. This growth has facilitated the creation of a new and exciting Business Development Department, engineered to serve our growing and incoming commercial and industrial partners, and beyond!

Along with this, we have a focused commitment to assisting developers, engineering and design teams, as well as realtors, and contractors, with their project development. Project and business development includes, but is not limited to: new site development, new construction, site expansions involving additional construction as well as on-site improvements, and in-fill potentials.

FPUA’s Development Team is passionate and dedicated to delivering the best possible service and care during every phase of your development or project, and we take tremendous pride in delivering the details and information to serve your utility needs in a timely and comprehensive fashion.

To get started, reach out to Fort Pierce Utilities Authority Business Development Team today!

Our Recent Projects: