Net Metering

As part of our commitment to support renewable energy, FPUA is proud to offer net metering. Net metering is a service that permits customers to offset part or all of their electric needs with their own renewable generating systems. Net metering promotes the development of renewable energy by allowing customers to use their own generation on-site and to sell any excess generation to their electric utility.

The meter installed for net metering at your location has two reads; one read records the electricity drawn from the grid, purchased from the utility at the full retail rate; the other read records excess electricity generated by the customer and sent back to the grid for purchase by FMPA at their wholesale rate.

Net metering is a great opportunity to partner with our customers to bring more renewable generation to our City. Please review the information contained in the documentation links.  If you are interested in being contacted about this exciting program, please fill in the Net Metering Contact form that follows.