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Medical Seal

Medical Seal Program

Medical Seal is a notification program that identifies FPUA electric customers who have been certified by their Florida-licensed physician as dependent upon electricity-powered life support equipment. The Medical Seal program maintains a record of customers who depend on this equipment, and a seal is placed on the meter so our service crews can recognize the location that has a medical need’s customer. Since service interruptions cannot be eliminated, and power cannot be guaranteed, it is essential that customers with this equipment have backup power supplies.

Who is Eligible?

Any residential customer whose electric service is medically essential is eligible to join if that medical condition has been certified by a physician licensed to practice in the state of Florida.

Electric service is considered essential if you’re dependent on electric-powered equipment as specified by a physician to avoid:

  • Loss of life
  • Serious medical complications requiring immediate hospitalization


To be placed on the Medical Seal List, print the below Medical List Request Form and submit it to your physician for completion advising FPUA of the life-support equipment in use. Once we receive the form, FPUA will then notify you of your acceptance into the Medical Seal List. To remain on the list, a new letter must be submitted annually.


FPUA representatives will notify these customers when disconnection of electric service is required for non-payment of an electric bill; or when planned service interruptions must occur for power line equipment maintenance.

Please inform FPUA if the equipment is no longer in use or has been moved to another location. Customers on the Medical Seal List are still subject to all FPUA policies pertaining to payment of bills and deposits. For more information, call Customer Service at (772) 466-1600.