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FPUA Leadership Team

FPUA Board

The Board consists of five members; four are appointed by the Fort Pierce City Commission (for four-year overlapping terms) and the Mayor of the City of Fort Pierce. Additionally, the Fort Pierce City Manager is a non-voting ex-officio member. The responsibilities of the Board include enacting resolutions and policies necessary for FPUA’s operations and reviewing and adopting the annual budget

Barbara M. Bennett

FPUA Board Chair

Larry Lammers

FPUA Board Vice Chair

Frank H. Fee, IV

FPUA Board Secretary

C. Gibbons Photo
Kristina Gibbons

FPUA Board Deputy Secretary

Linda Hudson

FPUA Board/Mayor of Fort Pierce

FPUA Mission Statement

To provide our customers with economical, reliable and friendly service 
in a continuous effort to enhance the quality of life in our community.

Javier Cisneros, P.E.

Director of Utilities

Bowdoin G. Hutchinson, P.E.

Director of Water & WW Systems

Barbara Mika
Barbara A. Mika, CGFO

Chief Financial Officer

Craig Crawford

Director of Electric & Gas Systems

Daniel Retherford, P.E.

Chief Operating Officer

Rachel Tennant, J.D.

Director of Public Affairs & Sustainability

Caroline A. Valentin

FPUA General Counsel