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Light Rental Program

Rental Light Request

Are you in need of a light for your business or property? We install and maintain the light and fixture, provide the electricity, and you’ll make just one low monthly payment. Review all the information below to determine what kind of lights you need and how to go about requesting the design and installation.

Information on installation, cost, and billing...


  • Lights can only be mounted on utility poles on or adjacent to your property.  Please, secure your neighbors’ approval for the installation of the light. 
  • Any issues with code enforcement will result in the removal of the light. 
  • Lights must face your structure or property.  If you are looking to light a public street or right-of-way please contact the City of Fort Pierce or St. Lucie County depending on your jurisdiction (see above section.)
  • The agreement for a light(s) is a minimum of one year.  The term of the agreement will commence on the date of installation. 
  • If FPUA determines that the request is not feasible, you will be notified. 
  • Please allow a minimum of four to six weeks from FPUA’s receipt of the executed agreement for the installation of the facilities. 
  • Poles with lights larger than 100w need to be accessible by bucket trucks at all times.  If lights become inaccessible, we will no longer be able to maintain them.  If the light is blocked by vegetation, it is the customer’s responsibility to trim trees away from light.  FPUA will trim trees to ensure wire feeding the light does not get damaged. 

Cost and Billing

  • Outdoor light(s) will be billed monthly along with your utility bill.  The cost includes maintenance, energy, and the cost of the fixture. 
  • If there is an existing pole with power to supply l.ight, there is no installation charge, only a monthly fee.  A new pole and wire can be installed for a charge.  All installation charges must be paid in full prior to installation. 
  • If we are required or requested to change or relocate the light(s) before the term of service, a labor charge must be paid. 

Light Rental Request

To request a rental light please submit a Rental Light Request form below and our team will be in touch to assist with a proper light design. To facilitate the installation of the requested light(s), please complete the following steps:
  1. Submit a Rental Light Request form.
  2. Please read and sign the Outdoor Security Light Agreement found here
  3. Return or mail in the completed agreement to:

206 S. 6th Street Fort Pierce, Florida 34950


Total Cost

Monthly Cost

(12 month / 0% financing)

Typical 35’ Wood Pole



Typical 35’ Concrete Pole



Typical Overhead Wire (per ft.)



Underground Pipe + Wire + Trench (per ft.)






Light Rental Request

Please use this form to submit any rental light request

light rental request form link button

Light Catalog

Review the types of rental lights available for commercial customers.  While you can request specific lights an engineer will decide if the light size is suitable for the desired location. In general, only 100w or equivalent lights can be installed in backyards of typical .25 acre lots in residential neighborhoods. 


Developers and Engineers

More information on available lights, specifications, and additional costs for rental lights can be be found through the Lighting Information card featured below.