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FPUA Launches “Wastewater Wednesday” Blog for Sewer Treatment Plant

Blog provides weekly updates on the new state-of-the art plant

Fort Pierce, Florida – April 8, 2024 – In celebration of the groundbreaking one year ago, Fort Pierce Utilities Authority has launched a new Social Media Campaign and Blog named Wastewater Wednesdays to provide weekly updates on construction progress of the new sewer treatment plant on Energy Lane.

Over a year ago, Fort Pierce Utilities Authority (FPUA) began construction of the long-awaited sewer treatment plant on Energy Lane – the plant that, after over two decades of debates and planning and approvals, is finally becoming a reality. This one-year milestone is celebrated with updates from the FPUA Board Chair Dr. Barbara M. Bennett, photos, and a new Social Media and blog feature named Wastewater Wednesdays.

“The new sewer treatment plant is a forward-thinking project enhancing sustainability and community-centered service in Fort Pierce,” Dr. Barbara M. Bennett, FPUA Board Chair said. “It is located in an industrial area, far away from the neighborhoods that we know and love; far away from the neighborhoods where our kids play and learn outdoors. During my time on the FPUA Board, I’ve seen first-hand how Fort Pierce’s municipal utilities are the backbone of our community’s commerce, education, medical care, public services, livelihood and well-being. Sustainable, reliable and affordable utility services are key to empowering underserved communities, and they’re essential for continued growth and expansion of our community.”

Dr. Bennett champions this project as a native of Fort Pierce and an elementary school teacher at Francis K. Sweet Elementary School in addition to serving as chair of the FPUA Board. She is a highly engaged and devoted community member, helping those in need and maintaining leadership roles as a co-pastor at Yahweh’s Hands On Ministry, Inc., Chairperson of Big Brothers Big Sisters Bowl for Kids Sakes at Francis K. Sweet, Chairperson for Liberty Truth & Deliverance Eloquence Department, Chairperson and Founder of New Horizons Gospel Concert, Secretary for her local Homeowners Association, and more.

Dr. Bennett was also an early champion for pursuing grants as a funding opportunity for this project. FPUA’s new in-house grants development team secured $21 million of state and federal funding toward this project in the first year, with an additional $67,600,000 proposals pending as of April 2024. Funds have been received with support from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection Resilient Florida program and appropriations sponsored by our local and state representatives at the State and Federal levels. “These funds have been instrumental in making our vision a reality, and we hope you will join us in extending our sincerest gratitude to these organizations and individuals,” continued Dr. Bennett.

Last month, in celebration of the one-year anniversary, FPUA launched a Social Media Campaign and Blog to provide weekly updates on construction progress of the new plant. The page provides updates for those with a growing interest in the project’s progress and provides a platform for sharing our growing collection of progress photos.

The weekly photo updates show the substantial progress that has been made in the past year including significant site preparation work, such as land clearing and fill, excavation of stormwater and process ponds, and final site grading of the future plant equipment structures. Recent photos show progress from the first quarter of 2024, including field crews constructing buildings, treatment tanks, stormwater and process ponds, and deep injection wells. Last week’s blog features completion of structural framing and steel reinforcements of the foundation for the new primary treatment tank. The first pouring of concrete is expected to begin this week. Once the concrete is poured and construction begins on the Operations and Maintenance building, nearly 70 local workers and support staff will begin the next phase of the construction project. Construction is expected to be completed in late 2025.

Read Dr. Bennett’s full update in the April 2024 bill insert at:

Keep up to date on construction progress at: or by following FPUA on Facebook at

Fort Pierce, Florida – April 3, 2024 – The site preparation work at the new Wastewater Treatment Facility completed so far includes: land clearing and fill, excavation of stormwater and process ponds, dewatering and final site grading of the future plant equipment structures, including the AquaNereda primary treatment tanks. The existing deep injection wells, which will be used for treated effluent disposal, were flow tested in December to confirm designed plant capacity (Photos courtesy of Fort Pierce Utilities Authority Public Affairs Office).