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FPUA Board Adjusts PCA

Did you know that FPUA customers have benefitted from FPUA’s negative Power Cost Adjustment (PCA) over the past several years? FPUA’s combined utility bill for electric, water, and wastewater is one of the lowest in St. Lucie County and one of the lower rates among the state’s municipal utilities. On October 19th, the FPUA Board made the difficult decision to raise the PCA by six dollars, beginning November 1st. This increase directly relates to the increasing prices in the energy market, specifically natural gas, and this trend is likely to continue for the next several months. FPUA staff and Board will closely monitor the utility market and, following FPUA Board-approved policy guidelines, will recommend power cost adjustments necessary to maintain the financial stability of our community-owned utility while supporting our customers. The rising costs in the energy market affect FPUA and utility providers throughout Florida and the country.

FPUA urges customers to act to minimize the impact of PCA increases by implementing effective energy conservation measures. FPUA is committed to providing information that gives our customers options to reduce energy use and save money every day. You can find energy conservation tips on our website at www.fpua.com, our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/TeamFPUA, and the Florida Municipal Electric Association Facebook page at www.facebook.com/flpublicpower.