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Finance & Financial Reports

The Department of Finance at Fort Pierce Utilities Authority provides comprehensive financial services for all departments of FPUA and is responsible for planning, organizing, and directing the financial, accounting, and rate matters. Under the direction of the Director of Financial Services, this team of professionals is responsible for maintaining comprehensive financial information about FPUA.

The Finance team has been honored for their meticulous detail and accuracy in reporting. The Government Finance Officers Association of the United States and Canada has awarded FPUA with the Distinguished Budget Presentation Award each year since 1996, and the Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting for its Annual Comprehensive Financial Report each year since 1994.

The bond rating firm, Fitch Ratings Inc., assigned an ‘A’ rating to the FPUA utilities refunding revenue bonds Series 2022A and 2022B. The Capital Appreciation Bonds Series 1999B were downgraded from “A+” to “A”. The bond rating firm, Standard & Poor’s, assigned its ‘A’ long-term rating on FPUA’s Series 2022 Utilities Refunding Revenue Bonds and affirmed an ‘A’ long-term rating and underlying rating on FPUA’s utility bond obligations. Both firms have performed routine surveillance of our metrics in 2022 providing a stable outlook for all FPUA bond holders.