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Electric & Gas – Developer Responsibilities

  1. To ensure the design process, construction, and operation of the project is efficient, FPUA must be provided with project drawings that show improvements that will affect the installation and operation of the electric and gas utility facilities. This includes, but is not limited to, architectural site and building plans, civil engineering site plans, landscape plans, the electrical site plan, the electrical riser diagram, the electrical load calculation, the electrical floor plan that includes the service entrance and air conditioning equipment, electrical panel schedules, and relevant portions of the architect’s electrical specifications. It is preferred that project drawings are sent by e-mail in .dwg format. Otherwise, two sets of paper drawings are required.
  2. Per Resolution 2011-12, effective October 31, 2011, new electric service customers connecting to the system will not be required to pay a Capital Improvement Charge (CIC) for one year from the effective date. Please contact Customer Service Key Accounts to determine the status of the CIC Charges as it will be evaluated every year.
  3. The developer shall be responsible for the cost of the conduits and transformer pads installed by FPUA’s contractor, these may also be included in the above invoice.
  4. Upon receipt of all required plans and the project design and permit review fee, FPUA’s Electric & Gas Engineering Department will review the plans. If approved, the FPUA’s Electric Engineering Department shall prepare a detailed Electric and Gas Utility Plan for the project and return a copy of the Electric and Gas Utility Plan along with one set of your approved plans. Plans may be approved with minor changes required as noted. If the plans are not approved, the Department shall return a set marked with recommended revisions along with any explanatory notes. Construction will not be scheduled until the plans are approved.
  5. Please note that for larger projects, lead-time for receiving pad mounted transformers may be six months or more. It is important to clarify this with FPUA as soon as possible.