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Doing Business with FPUA

Business Opportunities

FPUA Solicitations

Click for a list of current FPUA Solicitations (Invitation to Bid, Request for Proposals, Invitation to Quote, etc.). 

All FPUA Solicitations are also available on DemandStar

AURSI – FPUA uses AURSI to obtain competitive pricing on inventory purchases. AURSI is a provider of an Electronic Online Material Standards Manual and offers a special software program for utilities and suppliers. For additional information visit

If you have questions or need additional information please contact the Purchasing Program Manager at

Notices to Submit for Grants can be found here.

Click for a list of current Professional Engineering Project Notifications

If you have questions or need additional information please contact the Purchasing Program Manager at

Local vendor preference applies to formal bids if the non-local and the lowest local bidders(s) are within 5% of the lowest total price by a non-local bidder. Click to view Special Terms and Conditions

The Florida Municipal Power Agency Facility Connection Requirements (FCR) document is intended to serve as a reference and covers Generation, Transmission, and End User Facilities Connection Requirements and Connection Queue.

For third-party contractors who would like to know FPUA’s vegetation management policy, click here .

Development Services

To start, stop or transfer service, or establish new ownership of an existing account or structure, please click here.

To submit an inquiry for new development, commercial or industrial project or desire to be contacted with additional information, please click here. 

Add: For additional information about FPUA Development Services, click here

To view FPUA’s electric and natural gas service area map or to review the developer responsibilities, please click here.   

To view FPUA’s water and wastewater service area maps, or to view the requirements and developer’s responsibilities, pertinent engineering downloads, building and construction standards, as well as policies, permit documents, closeout documents, and closeout requirements, please click here

Please complete form if you are in need of temporary water service for construction, landscaping, pressure washing, etc.

Click to view the temporary water service request form.  

Please contact Electric and Gas Engineering at 772.466.1600 Ext. 6957