Advanced Metering (AMI)

Advanced Metering

Fort Pierce Utilities Authority is moving to the next generation of metering. During this multi-year project, we are installing an Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) that will allow communication between FPUA and our electric, water and natural gas meters. This system will provide you with many benefits including better reliability, better customer service and the ability to review usage and pay your bill in one convenient location. It will also help FPUA become more efficient and cost-effective by reducing expenses related to monthly manual meter reads.

As each deployment area is completed and been thoroughly tested, customers will be provided a web portal where they can track and review their utility usage data. This customer usage information could be helpful in understanding how to make smart choices affecting your utilities.

More Questions?

If you have questions or would like additional information, please review the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) below or send us an email at

Frequently Asked Questions

What is advanced metering?

Advanced metering gives FPUA the ability to remotely collect utility usage data, identify outages, detect tampering, and connect and disconnect electric service.

How does an advanced meter benefit me?

Beginning around August 2020, you will have access to an online Customer Portal. The portal will allow FPUA customers the ability to monitor utility usage, identify leaks, detect outages and project utility bills. This information can help customers manage utility usage. It will also allow FPUA to respond to utility issues more efficiently and reduce costs associated with monthly meter readings. As qualified technicians upgrade meters, they will be able to inspect for any safety issues.

Will I have access to my meter data?

Yes. Customers will have access to their detailed usage information through an online Customer Portal. FPUA customers will also be able to pay their bills through this same portal. The portal is expected to be fully tested and operational by August 2020.

How secure are the advanced meters?

Security is of utmost importance to FPUA. These meters have been tested and analyzed to ensure they are secure and to make certain that customer usage data is secure.

Will I be charged for my updated meters?

No, FPUA customers will not be charged for the updated meters.

Will I still need to call when my power is out?

Initially we are asking customers with an Advanced Electric meter installed to still call in to report outages (772-466-7703). As we deploy meters and test to be sure communication is flowing, we will notify customers that calling to report an outage is optional.

If I still have questions, how can I get my questions answered?

Our website has helpful information that may answer many of your questions. Visit us onlin at You can call our AMI-specific number at 772-468-2400 or call the FPUA Customer Service number at: 772-466-1600.

How does the process work?