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Water Reclamation

Industrial Pretreatment (IP) which regulates Industrial Users (IUs) that discharges or have the ability to discharge non-domestic waste into the Fort Pierce Utilities Authority (FPUA) wastewater system. Metal finishing and related operations are a common source of industrial wastewater in Florida. FPUA requires certain IUs to pretreat their wastewater prior to sending it to the Water Reclamation Facility (WRF).

About Pretreatment

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection, in its role as approval authority, oversees the development and implementation of local pretreatment programs in the state.

The goals of a pretreatment program are:

  • To prevent the introduction of pollutants into the WRF that will cause interference with its operation;
  • To prevent the introduction of pollutants into the WRF that will pass through the WRF, inadequately treated, into waters of the State;
  • To provide protection for both public health and welfare and WRF workers; and
  • To promote beneficial reuse and recycling of domestic wastewater and residuals from our WRF.

It is important to protect the bacteria and protozoa in the wastewater plant from harmful wastes so they can do their job of breaking down sewage. In addition to sampling and monitoring industrial wastewater, commercial areas may also be monitored for high-strength or toxic wastewater discharges. Some examples include restaurants for excessive grease discharges or printing/silk screen establishments for ink discharges. Excessive grease discharges may lead to sanitary sewer line blockages and cause sanitary sewer overflows. These overflows could release raw wastewater to the surrounding environment, possibly into lakes or streams. Another example of a commercial wastewater discharge could be ink discharges from a printing or silk screen establishment.

For more information, contact FPUA’s IPP Supervisor at 772-466-1600, ext. 5511.

Waste Manifest


Grease Haulers who perform pump out or cleaning services on grease interceptors, grease traps, lint traps, oil/water separators or sand separators are required to submit a Waste Manifest form to FPUA’s IPP Supervisor within 48 hours of pump out.

Submittal may be in the form of facsimile and/or email.  All sections of the Waste Manifest must be completed and submitted to:

Fort Pierce Utilities Authority

c/o Harry Sherva, IPP Supervisor

403 Seaway Drive

Fort Pierce, FL 34949

Phone Number: (772) 466-1600, Extension - 5511

Fax Number: (772) 489-5907


UA No. 2013-09, City of Fort Pierce, Ord. No. L-296, §20-212.5

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