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Electric Underground Service

Existing Residential Electric

Are you thinking of putting your electric lines underground?

Were you here for the power outages after hurricanes Frances and Jeanne in 2004 or Wilma in 2005?

One by one, FPUA's restoration teams repaired and energized the damaged power lines. However, occasionally homeowners were disappointed to find their power was not restored at the same time the rest of their neighborhood was energized.

In most of these cases, the reason for the delay was that these homes required repairs to their overhead service connections. You can prevent this type of damage from happening in the future by moving your service connection underground.

The process of converting your service consists of installing your new underground service and then removing your existing overhead service.

Advantages of converting overhead electric service connections to underground:

  • Better resistance to windstorm damage
  • Improved appearance of your home
  • May shield against damaging surges caused by lightning
  • May shorten overall storm restoration time
  • Discount of 25% off FPUA’s wholesale cost
  • Installation will be done by FPUA
  • Underground Service

The term underground service is used when the electrical power cable coming from our power source to your home is buried underground. Since the availability of the electric power source varies from customer to customer, please contact us early in your planning stage so we can assess your needs.

For more information on converting your electric service to underground, call Customer Service at (772) 466-1600 and ask for Key Accounts.

Don't wait - this policy is subject to change and FPUA budget availability!

What policies apply to new construction?

The City of Fort Pierce has mandated that all new construction shall be designed and constructed to be permanently served by underground electric utility facilities.

Electric utility line extensions to a new electric utility service, or to multiple new utility electric services in a planned development, are also required to be placed underground. Conduit systems for such facilities shall be installed by FPUA approved resources at the customer's expense. Where extraordinary conditions of the terrain or existing structures render this requirement impractical, FPUA may use overhead construction methods in whole or in part. Temporary Service shall be exempt from any underground electric utility facility requirements wherever an overhead point of delivery is reasonably available.