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Identifying FPUA Employees

Occasionally, FPUA may send employees or authorized contractors to your home to perform meter work or some other service. Please remember the following safety tips to protect yourself and your family.

  • If you ever question whether the person is a legitimate representative of FPUA, contact us to verify their identity and reason for the visit.
  • Always ask for identification. Employees of FPUA have identification employee ID Cards.
  • In some instances, representatives from private companies may be working in your area on behalf of FPUA. If they do not have an official identification card, ask for their name and the reason for their visit, and then contact FPUA to verify the information.
  • Do not let anyone into your home unless you have verified their identity, or you have scheduled the visit through FPUA in advance.
  • Call police immediately if you believe the person is an imposter.
  • FPUA does not sell products and services door-to-door, and does not charge customers for tree trimming work performed in your area.

Keeping Our Employees Safe

FPUA makes a concentrated effort to ensure our employees stay safe. Dog bites are one of the leading causes of injury to our meter readers. That's why we train our employees on how to prevent dog attacks.

We all love our pets and want to keep them safe, but even the nicest dogs can be aggressive when a stranger comes onto its owner's property. You can help FPUA keep our employees - and your pet - safe by containing your dog away from the meter on reading days, or when work is scheduled on your property. To find out when your next meter reading will be, look at your bill under "Account Information." “FPUA employees may randomly visit meters for various reasons” as Electric, Water and Gas do testing, CS requests re-reads, etc.

Thank you for helping us deliver safe, reliable energy to your home and business.