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Electric Safety


Electricity is a safe and reliable energy source when used properly. Like any other source of energy, it can be hazardous if used without caution and care.

FPUA cares about your safety and wants you to enjoy the comforts and convenience that electricity provides. We encourage you to follow these important electrical safety tips, and share them with your family and friends.

Outdoor Electrical Safety

Be safe around electricity. Learn how you can work and play safely outdoors.

Indoor Electrical Safety

Learn to be safe around electricity indoors.

Standby Generator Safety

Use extreme caution when using home generators. Learn to use them safely.

Essential use Customers

FPUA will make reasonable efforts to maintain electric service to essential customers during emergencies - and to minimize the period of interruption. However, FPUA may have to curtail power to essential customers.

Flooding Guidelines

Safety is our first concern after every storm. According to the American Red Cross, electrocutions are the second leading cause of death during and after floods.

Safety Videos on Safe