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Before You Plant


Tree trimming for Safety, Reliability and the Trees' Health

Trees are part of Florida’s natural beauty, but trees and other vegetation are also one of the leading causes of outages for utilities in the Southeast.

Maintaining trees and vegetation along distribution and transmission rights of way helps reduce outages and enhances safety for customers, as well as FPUA employees and contractors. FPUA maintains a rigorous inspection process that identifies vegetation encroachments and ensures vegetation-management activities follow required pruning and clearance specifications.

We regularly use tree-trimming contractors to conduct much of our vegetation management work. These contractors are held to the same stringent requirements for safety and quality that are observed by FPUA employees and crews. We discourage customers, property owners and untrained contractors from pruning trees and plants near power lines.

Customers who have questions or concerns about vegetation maintenance can contact a FPUA customer service representative by calling 466-1600. Our customer service representatives can provide general information on vegetation and right-of-way issues, or can connect customers to a right-of-way expert.