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Developer’s Responsibilities - Water/Wastewater

The purpose of this document is to provide clear direction for connecting a project to the Fort Pierce Utilities Authority (FPUA) water and wastewater system.

Note that approval through the City of Fort Pierce or Saint Lucie County site plan approval process does not constitute approval of your detailed utility plans through FPUA. The steps required for FPUA approval are listed below.

  1. To ensure project efficiency follow the Water and Wastewater Engineering Standards and Specifications located below. Standard details are provided in PDF format for easy transfer onto your construction plans. These details are updated often and you are responsible for obtaining the most current specifications.

    Water and Wastewater Engineering Downloads

  2. When you have an approved site plan and a 75% utility plan, it is recommended at this time to contact Development Services to schedule a pre-design conference with the FPUA project team. Information will be provided at this meeting to enable you to create a 100% set of plans
  3. Complete a Plan Review Application and submit with 2 full-size (24” x 36”) sets of drawings. Based on the drawings and plan review application data, Development Services will email you a Water/Wastewater plan review fee invoice in accordance with U.A. Resolution 2013-11 Section 11.
  4. Submit payment for Engineering plan review and inspection fee. This fee must be paid prior to the return of your first plan submittal.

    Review fees are based on:

    • $500 Flat charge per development
    • plus $20 per water equivalent residential connection (WERC) at 300 gallons per day
    • plus $20 per sewer equivalent residential connection (SERC) at 240 gallons per day
    • Note: For multi-family developments, (duplex or more units per building) each unit represents 70% of one WERC and 87.5% of one SERC.

  5. Along with the 2 initial sets of detailed utility drawings, submit any required permits (Draft). Please use the Water and Wastewater FDEP Permit forms provided on the website as the pertinent information is always current. Submit to FPUA Water/Wastewater Engineering Department located at 1701 S. 37th Street, Fort Pierce, FL 34947. Submit 3 sets of drawings and CD (with pdf and AutoCad files) for final submittal.
    • Reference section 1.22 for Drawing/CAD requirements. Failure to adhere to requirements will result in utility plan denial. Allow 30-day response time. It may take several submittals to receive an approved design.
  6. Submit a Commercial Service Application with your initial construction plans. Should you need an Application for Wastewater Discharge Permit, you will be contacted by our Pretreatment Coordinator.
  7. Upon plan approval, you will receive one set of the submitted plans stamped approved or approved as noted and any applicable permits executed.
  8. Submit a Water and Wastewater Supply Agreement (if required) at the time of final plan Execute submittal. This is a three party document outlining the requirements of the project owner and project engineer
  9. If your property is outside the City Limits, the property owner will be required to sign an Annexation Agreement. Please provide our Development Services Department with the following information for the property owner to complete the agreement: Name, Contact Number, Site Address, Mailing Address, Parcel ID Number.

    This information will be provided to our attorney, R.N. Koblegard, who will prepare an annexation agreement and their office will call the property owner to schedule an appointment to sign the agreement and will thereafter record the agreement. The service fees, which are subject to change and are payable to Mr. Koblegard at the time the agreement is signed, range from $50 - $400.

  10. Submit five sets of shop drawings for all sanitary structures and manufacturer’s cut sheets for all materials. These submittals will be reviewed and may be returned approved or revise and resubmit if major deficiencies are found.
  11. Once your shop drawings have been returned, contact your FPUA project manager to schedule a preconstruction meeting.
  12. When your project is close to 90% complete, please contact your FPUA project manager to schedule a post-construction meeting. At that meeting, you will need to have your turnover package complete. All items in the turnover package must be complete prior to scheduling a walk-through. Listed below are the items in the turnover package:
    1. Bill of Sale/Cost and Quantities (utilize form on website)
    2. FDEP Water/Wastewater Certification
    3. Record Drawings – Need Two Sets of Paper Copy Drawings (CD with pdf and AutoCad versions)
    4. Gravity Sewer Inspection DVD/VHS
    5. Lift Station Start Up
    6. Lift Station O & M Manuals
    7. DDC data sheet
  13. If your project requires an easement, the property owner will be required to sign an Easement Form. Please provide your FPUA Project Manager with the following information for the property owner to complete the easement: Name, Contact Number, Site Address, Mailing Address, Parcel ID Number, and Legal Description of the easement parcel.

    Your FPUA Project Manager will provide this information to our attorney, who will prepare an easement and their office will call the property owner to schedule an appointment to sign it and will thereafter record it. The service fees, which are subject to change and are payable to Mr. Koblegard at the time the easement is signed, is $250 plus recording costs.

  14. The project cannot move forward to the construction phase until the approval and acceptance of the Plans and Permits, the execution of the Annexation Agreement, Supply Agreement, and Payment of Capital Improvement Charges (see note below) and payment of other associated fees.

    Note: Payment of CICs at project plan approval is required when a Supply Agreement is required. Payment of CICs for other projects is at time of request for meter installation or before FPUA signature on FDEP final certification, if applicable.

  15. Prior to water meter installation, Developer/Engineer to request fee invoice from project manager. The following items (if applicable) need to be received prior to water meters being installed:
    1. All Fees Paid (meter, DDC, deposits, Initiation of Service Charges, etc.).
    2. Final Inspection/Walk-Through
    3. Punch List Complete
    4. Contractor’s Affidavit and Release of Lien (utilize form on website)
    5. Executed Easement
    6. Memorandum from Applicable Right-of-Way Agency (Agency Granting Permit) that Project is Acceptable to Them
    7. Record Drawings – After Review and Approval, Need Two Sets Paper Copy, One Set of Mylars and One CD with drawings in PDF and AutoCad Format.
    8. FPUA Privately Owned Collection System Application- Inspection Form completed.