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Fort Pierce Utilities Authority encourages customers to remain cautious. Although it appears that the track of Hurricane Irma has shifted to the west, forecasters warn that the path can change very quickly. Even if the current track proves accurate, St. Lucie County will still experience tropical force to hurricane force winds and heavy rainfall that could lead to widespread flooding. Power outages are expected and FPUA restoration crews will be dispatched provided conditions are safe.

We would like our customers to know that FPUA does NOT turn off utilities as a precautionary measure. If you lose service it is likely due to the effects of the storm.
If you experience an outage, please call FPUA at 772-466-7703. As FPUA restoration crews restore power, we ask that you turn on one exterior light to alert crews that your power has been restored. That allows crews to focus on the areas that are still in need.

• Hurricane Irma Information Hotline: 772-460-HELP (4357)
• Evacuation Zones, Shelters in St. Lucie County and Public Safety Information:
• Special Needs Shelter Information and Registration:…/special-medical-needs-information 
• Hurricane Irma Tracking: