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We are continuing to restore service to our community following impact from Hurricane Matthew.

Following the storm, we had nearly 16,000 customers without power. As of 8:00 am Sunday we have a little over 900 of our community members without power. We estimate 400 of those having damage to their home or business requiring building or electrical repair from a certified contractor.

Issues causing restoration delays were caused by wind and debris damage to the weatherhead, or the electric panel itself can prevent us from connecting you and will require an electrician to repair the damage before we can restore power. We will attempt to contact you personally via direct communication to verify your needs for damage repair and restoration. If someone knocks on your door, please request to see their FPUA ID badge.

A list of licensed electric contractors can be found on the Saint Lucie County Chamber of Commerce website at .

At this time, the main service lines are restored, and we are concentrating on the customers that have localized outages. Customers will see pockets of homes without power while their neighbors have it. This is caused by localized interruptions in the service lines from the storm damage.

We ask that you not interfere with our crews, they have a mission to get your service restored, and stopping them to talk will only delay them in completing the task at hand. If you have called into the contact center, we are aware of your needs and will get to you as soon as possible.