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Fort Pierce Utilities Working to Restore Power as Quickly as Possible Following Hurricane Matthew


October 7, 2016 – Currently, there are 4,600 Fort Pierce customers without power due to damage caused by Hurricane Matthew. FPUA crews, working alongside mutual aid partners from across the state of Florida and the nation, have restored over 60% of those affected by the storm within 10 hours. In accordance with our emergency operations plan, power will be restored in a priority order to ensure essential facilities and services are restored first, followed by areas where the greatest concentration of customers are located.


“Restoring power as safely, as quickly and to as many people as possible is our top priority,” said Clay Lindstrom, FPUA Director of Utilities. “We appreciate the efforts of our crews and our partners who have come to our aid during this time of restoration and recovery.” 


Hurricane Matthew was a devastating storm that impacted Fort Pierce similarly as it impacted Daytona. FPUA crews’ first responsibility is to identify downed lines and de-energize, or shut off power to, those lines so they can safely and efficiently be repaired. Repairs to power plants, transmission lines, substations and main distribution lines will then be made so the power restoration process can begin.


Once the main power lines are repaired, crews turn their attention to customer outages. Priorities in power restoration include essential facilities, such as hospitals, fire stations, police departments, water pumping stations and communications facilities, as well as vulnerable populations and those with special medical needs.


Businesses and residential areas are the next priority for power restoration. Restoring power to businesses provides key services to residents and minimizes economic loss to the community. The priority order for restoration to neighborhoods and other residential areas is determined by the number of people located in those areas with the goal of restoring the greatest number of people as quickly as possible. 


Customers who are experiencing power outages are asked to report outages by calling 772-466-1600. Outage information can be obtained at and click the outage map.


FPUA participates in a Mutual Aid Agreement that enables municipal utilities to call on each other for emergency workers and supplies. Florida’s public power utilities benefit from this strong network of partners within Florida and across the country through the American Public Power Association. These dependable connections have created a reliable system where member utilities both request and offer assistance.


Mutual Aid Agreements are also in place with electric cooperatives and investor-owned utilities in order to draw upon additional resources. There are currently 15 deployed in the Fort Pierce area, including crews from Kentucky, Tallahassee, Pennyrile, Florida Keys and Kissimmee.