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Being proactive when facing the threat of a major hurricane is part of doing business for Fort Pierce Utilities Authority (FPUA). Late yesterday, FPUA Director of Utilities, John Tompeck, activated storm preparations by declaring Storm Phase 1 - Alert. FPUA has a comprehensive Storm Manual which describes in detail all required departmental actions during a five phase storm response. The five phases are Alert, Watch, Warning, During the Storm, and Restoration. With the National Hurricane Center issuing advisories for Florida’s east coast, FPUA will move to the appropriate phase depending on conditions and timeline. All vital equipment, vehicles, facilities and plants are being secured in preparation of any effects we may have from Hurricane Dorian.

As of 11:00 am, Hurricane Dorian remains a Category 1 storm with sustained winds of 85 miles per hour ( Although the exact path is still uncertain, it appears that Hurricane Dorian is expected to have a significant impact on Florida. FPUA will send out regular updates and communications through the media and these same updates will be posted on this website and FPUA’s Facebook page ( Please visit the website and click on Storm Center for storm preparation information and helpful links.  FPUA urges you to take this time to secure your homes and businesses. If you do not have a preparedness plan, please visit .