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In the hours after Hurricane Irma moved away from Fort Pierce, over 23,700 of FPUA electric customers were without power. The power to many of our customers was restored quickly, but there were more aftereffects to come. FPUA’s equipment worked as it was designed to, but late Monday two substations lost power as a result of salt tracking (when dried salt spray on the insulators is moistened by the humidity in the air) resulting in grounding faults. This caused outage numbers to increase. Hurricane Irma caused other issues such as debris and vegetation bringing down lines, flooding, wind and lightning. Although this is the largest power outage in recent FPUA history, the efforts of 34 lineman working 16 hour days has successfully restored power to 21,507 (90%) of those customers that experienced an outage. We will remain diligent until the remaining customers are restored. We ask that our customers exercise patience and remain vigilant. Watch for and report any downed power lines you see. Do not touch any power lines or any debris that might be touching those lines. Your safety is our primary concern.