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Fort Pierce Utilities Authority customers are being targeted by scammers who are attempting to acquire your personal information. The scammers will contact you by phone and tell you that your account is overdue and must be paid. You are then instructed to call them back. If you receive a message about your account being past due, PLEASE HANG UP and call a Customer Service representative using the FPUA main phone number 772-466-1600. Use this FPUA number ONLY. This is the only number to use that will connect you to an authentic FPUA customer service representative. You can also check the status of your account online at If you are a registered user, choose the Manage My Account option. If you do not have an online account, choose the Register Now option.

Protecting our customers is important to FPUA. Please safeguard you and your family by contacting FPUA at 772-466-1600 regarding any questions about your account. Click here for additional information regarding recent scams.