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Start/Stop/Move Services

Start/New Services

Welcome. If you're new to the FPUA service area or are moving to a new home and need power turned on, fill out the form below. Complete the online Residential Online Application or call us at (772) 466-1600, or visit our Customer Solutions Center at 206 S. 6th Street between the hours of 9:00 am to 5:00 pm weekdays, excluding holidays.

We are looking forward to providing utility service to your new or existing home. After your completed request is transmitted to our secure site, our Customer Solutions Representatives will review your request and will respond within one business day, at which time we will provide your new account number and the deposit requirement for your new home. To ensure service, our office should receive applications before 4:30 p.m. at least one business day before the service connection is needed. New construction will always require more than one-day hook-up.

Since utilities are billed after they are used, a security deposit or deposit alternative is required before completing your residential application for service. All residential applications for service will have a credit check done through our credit-reporting agency if the customer does not wish to place a deposit. In the event we are unable to verify your positive credit rating, a deposit will be required. Residential deposits are applied to an account after two years of satisfactory payments. Interest is paid annually on deposits. If services are existing, current FPUA Re-Activation of Service Charges will be billed to your account.

All required city and county inspections must be completed prior to connecting your permanent electric service. An electrical inspection is required for new construction.

Agreement for Online Application

The applicant understands that FPUA may withhold or discontinue Utility Service rendered under an application made by any member or agent of a family, household, organization, or business, unless all Prior Indebtedness to FPUA for the same class of Utility Service at anyone or more locations of such family, household, organization, or business has been settled in full. FPUA may also refuse Utility Service for Prior Indebtedness by a previous Customer if the current Applicant or Customer occupied the premises and/or received the benefits of the Utility Service at the time the Prior Indebtedness occurred, and/or the previous Customer continues to occupy the premises. The applicant further understands that if the utility bill is not paid by the due date, account is subject to penalty charges and disconnection. It is further understood that any charges incurred for collection of delinquent account(s) will be added to the customer's indebtedness. The current Collection Agency Fee will be added to the final utility bill. IT IS FURTHER UNDERSTOOD THAT BEFORE UTILITY SERVICE IS CONNECTED, THE CUSTOMER MUST ENSURE ALL FAUCETS AND CIRCUIT BREAKERS ARE TURNED OFF AT THE SERVICE ADDRESS WHERE THE UTILITIES ARE TO BE CONNECTED.

The Security Deposit may be credited to a Residential customer who established a two (2) year record of excellent payment history with the FPUA. For purposes of this section, "excellent payment history" is defined as not more than one arrears billing per year for a continuous two (2) year period, AND no disconnects for non-payment of bill(s) OR no returned checks for the continuous period of two (2) years. The deposit is an advance payment for future services that will be available to satisfy any outstanding debt.

Your Social Security Number is requested with your application. Please review our policies regarding your SSN and privacy.

Stop Services

Below are instructions for Cancelling your permanent services. We hope we'll have the opportunity to serve you again sometime soon.

Cancelling Permanent Service

If you need to disconnect your permanent utility services, just fill out the Service Cancellation Form below and we'll take care of the rest. Customer Charge is in effect for Property Owner regardless of occupancy. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you to verify your request. Please allow three working days’ notice (Monday-Friday, excluding holidays) for the disconnection to occur.

You may come into the Customer Solutions Center at 206 S. 6th Street between the hours of 9:00 am to 5:00 pm weekdays, excluding holidays or call us at (772) 466-1600.

Please see our deposits and credit evaluations and current charges information.


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